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High School Completion


High School




Diploma and graduation cap There are several ways to earn a high school credential at Wiscasset Adult & Community Education. The end result--a Wiscasset High School Diploma or Maine State Diploma (HiSET)--can be achieved through a scheduled series of classes, or for those with scheduling difficulties, in our Learning Center or online.

High School Completion Series

Would you like to improve your literacy, critical thinking, number sense, analytical skills, & employability, earn a diploma, or prepare for college? Our High School Completion series will help you achieve your goals.

These 4-week courses meet one or two times weekly. A new session starts every month throughout the semester. Course content includes:

  1. Student Success (good study habits, time and stress management, listening and note taking, etc.)
  2. Lecture (presentations by instructors and guest speakers)
  3. Explorations (hands-on projects, job site visits, field trips)
  4. WorkReady training (plan for employment, teamwork, communications, safety, resume, interviewing skills)
  5. Tutoring (one-on-one instruction on challenging concepts/skills)
  6. Online learning (individualized curriculum aligned to personal goals)

Each session empowers learners to master one learning target in each of the following using the Common Core State Standards:

  • Humanities (languages, social studies, creative arts, culture)
  • STEM (* Science * Technology * Engineering * Mathematics)

This course can be taken for High School Credit, to prepare for the HiSET tests, or to improve performance on college placement tests. Learners of all abilities are welcome to attend. One-on-one instruction is available for those who need additional support. Regular attendance, home study and computer-based study are required. Computers are available for use in the Learning Center.


Pre-requisite: 12 hour orientation, counseling, and assessment must be completed prior to enrollment. Register online for orientation or call Wiscasset Adult Ed to schedule an appointment at 882-9710.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is open on a regular basis throughout the school year. Learners of any age and ability are welcome to drop in or schedule time to receive one-on-one instruction. Students can work on basic literacy, job readiness, HiSET preparation, high school diploma coursework, college preparation, parenting, life skills, and computer literacy. Visit the Courses page to see the most updated schedule of Learning Center hours.

Online Learning

Some students work well independently in an online program. While this can be a very convenient option for learners who have difficulty getting to our location due to scheduling conflicts, family responsibilities, or transportation issues, it is not necessarily the best option for everyone. In order to succeed in an online learning environment, students need to be motivated, have good time management and organization skills, technically fluent, and good communicators. Some of the tools for online learning can be found on our Online Learning page. Online learning requires regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings with an advisor to remain enrolled in the program.


All students participating in academic and career training programs at Wiscasset Adult & Community Education are required to complete an orientation program prior to enrolling in classes. This is to ensure success in your program so that you can make a valuable investment in your education.

Orientation includes:

  • an overview of our programs and services
  • exploration of your skills, interests, abilities, and values
  • career decision making
  • academic, career, and personal goal planning

This process takes about 12 hours to complete, so more than one visit will be required. Some of the material can be completed at home. Orientation sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the semester.

HiSET Testing Policy

Eligibility to Test

Minimum Age for Testing – 18 years old (a 17 year old may test if they have been out of school for one year or have an “Immediate Need” as defined by the State).

Residency Requirements – There is no residency requirement for testing.

Requirements for Retesting – Students must receive approval from an instructor before scheduling a retesting session to insure that adequate remediation and pretesting has occurred.

Other Requirements – All candidates for HiSET testing must first take and pass the Official HiSET Pre-Test within the past three months with a score of 500 or above. With the written approval of an instructor, a student may be eligible to test with a lower score on the Pre-Test. No students may test before completing at least twelve hours of instruction, including Orientation and other academic requirements.

Preparing for the HiSET Tests

Students who would like to pursue a diploma through the HiSET tests will begin by taking placement tests in Math and English to enroll in the HiSET program. Classes and tutoring are offered to help students get ready for HiSET testing and are required for all students before testing.


HiSET Testing Sessions are scheduled twice monthly throughout the year, with additional testing sessions available by appointment. Regular testing sessions are conducted on the first Tuesday of the month from 9:00am to 12:00pm and the second Tuesday of the month from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Accommodations for the HiSET test are available for qualified individuals with a disability.

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